Lowijs Perquin

Dr Lowijs Perquin, M.D., PhD., was a psychiatrist-psychotherapist and assistant-professor in psychiatry and psychology at the University in Amsterdam since 1984. His professional activities covered the fields of psychotherapy, Community Mental Health Care, and educational systems in psychiatry. He published on schizophrenia, novel anti-psychotics, psychotrauma, decision-making models in psychiatry and Pesso Boyden Psychomotor System. As Director of the National Education Institute of Psychiatry since 2008, he developed an award-winning national training program in psychiatry for physicians and interns.

His student colleagues loved him for his academic thoroughness and didactic clarity as well as for his supportive ‘horizontal’ teaching style and sense of humour.

Over the last thirty years he developed training curricula for Pesso Boyden therapists, supervisors and trainers. With Albert Pesso he has co-led and coordinated PBSP trainings in six European countries. In addition, he applied PBSP in the fields of forensic psychiatry, alcohol addiction, couples therapy, parent guidance and executive leadership.

Lowijs was a regular PBSP presenter at conferences in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands and a keynote speaker at international PBSP congresses, with a host of Pesso Boyden publications to his name.

Lowijs was married to Harmina Muggen, medical doctor and trainer of family doctors. They loved music, skiing, sailing and their daughter Moniek (35) and son Pieter (33).

Lowijs was the author of many articles on Pesso Boyden therapy and related subjects, including:

Neuroscience and its significance for psychotherapy’ European Psychotherapy/Vol. 5 No. 1. 2004   and

‘Issues of Narcissism and Omnipotence’

Lowijs died on 10th October 2016