Stuart Camp

Location: Central London & Surrey

Contact: Telephone 07795 630586

About Stuart:

Stuart is a British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist (BACP) accredited psychotherapist.  He works in private practice in central London and as a consultant at Prinsted, a residential addictions treatment centre, Horley, Surrey.

Stuart is experienced in the treatment of addictive disorders, specialising in sexual addiction and compulsivity.  He is a certified sex addictions therapist, trained under the direction of Dr Patric Carnes and the International Institute for Trauma and addictions professionals .  He works with a wide range of diverse and complex human issues, to include couples, sexual trauma, intimacy and relational difficulties. 

Stuart offers individual and couple therapy, as well as intensive workshops.  He lectures and speaks on various subjects appertaining to his work.  He is also trained in the Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor therapy (PBSP) a powerful mind body focused psychotherapy, developed over fifty years by Albert Pesso and Diane Boyden, for the healing of trauma and unmet developmental needs.

An integral and important part of Stuarts work with individuals with complex needs is the requirement to facilitate exploration and development of well-being and healthy living, an often neglected part of a person’s life who has lived with uncomfortable difficulties.

Stuart spent 22 years in the armed forces spending considerable time in operational settings culminating being awarded a commendation for exceptional valuable service in support of the division in the former republic of Yugoslavia.  He served at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as a leadership instructor before finishing his career overseeing a Territorial Army Regiment.

Stuart began his training and development as a psychotherapist in 1994 whilst still serving in the armed forces, qualifying and working for seven years as a couples therapist for Relate, the national relationship organisation.

After completing his service Stuart studied psychology for four years at Surrey University.  During which time he developed his private practice, and worked as a primary addictions counsellor at Farm Place, a residential, primary addictions facility.

Over the following years Stuart trained extensively in the United States and UK, acquiring skills and expertise in the use of psychodramatic and experiential therapy techniques, particularly for the treatment for trauma.

Stuart now combines his personal experience of adversity, the coaching of life skills, leadership, treatment of addictive disorders and extensive training and experience as a psychotherapist, in the healing of people’s complex difficulties and trauma.


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